‘I have been a hunter of peace for many, many moons now. There is no rest for me in my search for peace. I meditate diligently every morning. The subjects are life and love. I quit after 3 seconds.’

In short, like most others blogging along through life I’m solely dedicated to one thing in life, procrastination and the staving off of reality. Over the course of my life I’ve developed a real knack for it too, like most others I populate my life with Video Games, Music, and Film, however I also have dedicated my a large section of my life to Wargaming and Roleplaying Games.

‘At least reality has good graphics’

So, in short, why are you here? Why am I telling you about myself and how I spend my time? Simple, I intended to create this blog to share my views and opinions on the several subjects listed above that affect my life as well as a handy place to vent the useless information and ideas that rattle around in my brain.

So, here is what you can expect from this venture are my own personal takes on the following generic items:

– Wargaming News and Reviews (Mainly based on Warhammer 40k and Fantasy)
– Personal Updates on Army/Campaign Projects
– Film News and Reviews
– Video Game News and Reviews
– Personal Updates on my foray into reality
– General Media and Culture Discussions

So without further ado, let the adventure begin.

‘Nothing finer than a well dominated kitchen’

~ Personal Info  ~
Name: Ray Watt
Age: 25
Species: Humanoid Male (Roughly)
Location: Snake Mountain, Wick, Scotland, UK.
Job Title: Electrical Engineer (Rolls-Royce)
Marital Status: Happily and Luckily attached to a Humanoid Female.


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