Hello all!

Hopefully all of you lovelies are staying safe and at home, I’m currently sat in my man cave stewing over rulebooks and paints, trying to work out what to do with my time. Interestingly for me, the quarantine is something different to how most are handling it.

While many people are staring at the walls and wondering what to do with all this spare time, my mind is going a mile a minute with possibilities. I’m not used to having time off like this, I haven’t had time off where I haven’t been travelling or sick since I was in high school. I just rarely get the time to actually stop and now that I have it, I’m trying to make the most of it….. unfortunately it’s making me rush rather than chill out which has been a huge learning curve for me. I’m used to continously working and not really stopping and now that I have time to stop, I still feel like I need to be hurrying even more, as if this time will be limited or I won’t have a chance like this again, I’m simply not used to having a break yet, however given the current situation I think I may have plenty of time yet. Its something I personally need to work on in general, outside of quarantine, time management has been a huge thing for me this year but I need to remember breaks are a part of this time and I need to manage that also.


My first mistake as part of the stupidity listed above this month was rushing my Raven Guard, I decided to try and factory line as much as possible (again assuming we’d be back at work soon) which resulted in me needing to revisit a lot of it and ultimately wasting a lot of time. It also made the project feel like a chore which is something I detest. So I decided to stop and start all over which set me back on the right path. This project means a great deal to me and the fact that I was rushing it, actually felt insulting/wrong very quickly.


My first models of the month were a set of Ruins and the Sanctum Terrain Piece from the Sector Imperialis sets, unfortunately due to the quarantine these are resting comfortably in the club, so I sadly don’t have any completed pictures of these but they have been painted to the same style as the previous ruins and sector imperialis terrain I previously painted for our club. (See above, I swear it looks the same 😛 )

Next up, because of the quarantine I was able to actually spend some time painting my own models, I started with possibly my biggest ask, as I had planned to enter him in a painting competition at the beginning of April, the newly promoted Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike!


I’m overall very happy with this model, I spent a lot of time working with light and trying to use open source lighting techniques which is an absolute first for me, while I’ve done it very simply here it was an interesting exercise, although I feel like I played it too carefully simply because of the model I had chosen, he is such an important piece to my force so I wanted to be careful but I wanted him to be the star of the show so it created an interesting mix of caution and risk, but ultimately I think it panned out well and he looks forward to soaring soon.

Next up, I got to work on a model for a chibi paint swap, this is a project I’ve been involved in for a number of years (I’ve completed/recieved 12 successful swaps). It’s a fun little project where members of our facebook group, from all across the world, all paint a chibi model and then send it to another randomly selected member. So I decided to paint up something different, one of the lawbots from Rail Raiders Infinite. The swap member I recieved (from Canada) mentioned it was one of his favourite games and I have a lot of extras for the game so I chose one of the more unique sheriff models just to make it a bit special. As this is essentially a gift I spent a lot of time making him as cool as I could and I hope my target is happy with the results….. I’ve still not heard if he has arrived but I’m hopeful he’ll get there one day!

With the only real deadlines I had for the month out of the way I got around to that batch painting of Raven Gaurd I discussed…. but I wasn’t happy with the mountain of mild progress so I started over and worked squad by squad. So far I’ve completed my other HQ options (Captain, Lieutenant & Librarian in Phobos Armour) and some of my more specialized units (a.k.a My Favourites), Hellblasters and Aggressors.


I may one day go back and add some camo markings to the characters cloaks but for now I’m happy with the flushed grey and once the basing is done I can tailor these to match more.


I sadly haven’t been able to finish the basing as I need some astrogranite debris (which is not essential sadly) to plug up some gaps and make them appear to match our Moon Base Klaisus board at club but I’ll look at doing what I can in the next few days, my main aim is to get the marines done and I’ll, as usual, tackle the basing at the end. I tried to work on more OSL techniques here but I also had a fun expirement in shading the plasma burn on the hellblasters which actually worked out great I think.



So all in all, it’s been a busy and wildly confusing month, I’ve made a lot of progress and what feels like no progress at all. I guess it’s just going to being a case of getting used to this world we live in and the fact that I’m for once, not in a rush. I’ve even had time to play some new RPG’s and reinvest in some past loves (some fun games of Deathwatch/Wrath & Glory) which I’ll write up about soon…… it’ll likely be a fiasco….. but we’ll see…..

Thanks again and remember to stay home and stay safe! (Also a huge thank you to any readers who are key workers/NHS staff, you people are incredible and I am forever grateful for your efforts in keeping us all safe).

P.S. I’ll apologize for the language but I won’t apologize for the message – Anyone unnecessarily breaking quarantine rules. You suck.