Rysaer’s Monday Musing – Man has to have a code.

Hello again all for a rather late edition of my Monday Musing, I’m just back from watching Birdman in my local cinema, so I’m writing up that review at the same time, hence my lateness and confusion.

So, Round 3, what are we going to discuss today? I think I’ll stick to the theme of making my Monday musings a little bit more personal and leave the rest to my regular posts. So I wanted to share with everyone something I found in my usual dives through the internet.

A code, a set of rules, something to live by. We all have them, in various shapes and sizes, with some give and take, here and there. At the end of the day we all have them and up until now, I thought that I had my rules worked out, I keep a relatively short and handy list, otherwise I’d forget it. 3 rules. easy.

1. Never resort to violence.
2. Respect the beliefs/opinions of others.
3. Always try to make things better.

Simple and memorable, self explanatory. If only it were as simple as this. I thought it was but the more I started to think about it, and thinking about the changes I’ve been going through in my own life, I decided to re-consider the rules and even add some. Then I found something in my usual haunt of /WG/ (Wallpapers General). Almost like a sign considering my blog has to this point been a running joke of procrastination.


These rules really hit home and resonated with me in a big way, I’d hardly pin myself as a ‘Creator’ but I am trying to get more in touch with the creative talents I do have, limited as they are.

For me though, the final rule on that list was what hit me the hardest and it astounded me how I had never considered it. While it may seem harsh or even crass to some, it’s a simple message that drives home a valid point, one that can save a lot of trouble, hassles and unnecessary worry.

‘Love what you do or leave.’

Now stop and think about it, how many times in life have you found yourself trapped in that situation, where something you enjoy mutates into something you can barely stand. Where a hobby or an activity becomes a chore, to the point where you don’t even want to do it any more.

That’s when I added it to my list, I looked around and saw failed project after project sitting around waiting for more paint, more polish, change in structure, bigger word counts, These projects I had fired into had become horrible little dead ends and thats when I decided that my rules had to change. I began to look into what I really wanted and what I really enjoyed doing and decided that instead of pouring time and resource into the things I didn’t want to do, I could be achieving so much more on the one or two projects I do care about.

In short, take a look around, be it a project, a goal, even a relationship if thats the case, if you don’t truly enjoy it or you cannot feel that love or passion for it, then let it go and focus on what matters. In the long run, you’ll be happier and you’ll have something that will hopefully last forever.

For me, I can only hope that Hive Helsreach lasts forever, or at least long enough for reinforcements. I’ll have a status update on that project soon, my first attempts on a few marines and Storm Talon are nearing completion.

For those interested, my rules are now as follows:

1. Never resort to violence.
2. Respect the beliefs/opinions of others.
3. Always try to make things better.
4. Do what you love, or leave.
5. Don’t fucking procrastinate.

Thanks for reading folks and be ready for more content throughout the week, which will hopefully be a tad more well thought out and at least mildly interesting.


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