Helsreach – The Beginning

So as mentioned in my ‘Return’ post earlier today I intend to begin a new army for the shiny new edition of 40k that we have (a whole edition has passed since I left…..). It also ties into my ‘Feeling Blue’ post as 7th edition is something I’ve actively avoided out of reclusive negativity but it’s time to face up to it and face the ‘Armageddon’ that awaits.

For those who don’t know me, I’m an avid hobbyist and war-gamer, I’ve been playing 40k for roughly 10 years now with a multitude of different armies under my belt, I’ve done everything from Dark Angels (my first and always) to Kroot Mercs to Necrons, Orks, Tau and Dark Eldar. (There were plenty more failed projects but these are the ones that at least made it to the table :P)

However my first experience with the game came from the 3rd edition rulebook, I remember my brother and cousin playing the game and straight away I wanted to play, but due to the nature of where I live finding games after those two quit was difficult and the game faded into my nostalgic memory, yet those Black Templars on that cover always dug into my mind and those few spare Space Marines I painted into Templars faded to dust and vanished eventually.  Fast forward a few years and I find a gaming group who play and suddenly 10 years had passed and I’m now a long serving member in that gaming club and sitting here contemplating that guilty first love, the one that got away.

This year was to be a big year for me, I’m looking to take on as many creative challenges as I can and this seemed like the best one to tackle first and it gave me an excuse to blog to my heart’s content about it. So whats the plan then? What have you achieved so far? How much do you plan to make? What is your list? I hear the flood of questions as they rattle in my mind.

After reading Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s ‘Helsreach’ novel, I had planned to create a themed force around that battle, as it would allow me to re-create iconic characters, an excuse to field Grimaldus in all his glory and it always stood out to me as a pivotal moment in my love for the Black Templars.

99120101119_AdeptusAstartesStrikeforce01‘GW Cease and Desist waiting to happen.’

I have begun by acquiring one of the ‘Adeptus Astartes Strikeforce’ box-sets as it would allow me to build a solid core quickly and allow me to get to grips with playing quickly (I hope), I have also picked up some Black Templars conversion kits and some Forge World doors. I’m also looking into a second box of Sternguard to round the unit to a full ten and possibly grabbing another Rhino/Razorback kit.

Construction is underway as we speak, why I haven’t started sooner you ask? simple. 32mm.

round_urban_32mm-500x500‘Thats right ladies…. 32mm.’

I wanted this army to be a display piece as well as playable, to find the balance between creativity and game-play and I found 32mm would be the way to go, it would allow me to create more thematic bases and differentiate between my previous marine armies and this new project as well as a way to stand out against opponents. 32mm is astounding for Space Marine models as I feel it grants them the gravitas they need when compared on the table compared to guardsmen and tau, the bases make the marines feel/look bigger and everyone looks important.

As for the list itself, I’m looking to build up to around 2000pts initially, I’ll be taking my list building in incremental steps and dependent on how the building/painting goes I may increase or decrease the scale to suit. My first step is to build until 500pts, then 1000pts, then 1500pts, then finally 2000pts and after that I will look to taking this into the apocalyptic scale it deserves. In terms of design I will be building the list with the Orks as my enemy in mind as the entirety of Helsreach is based around the Ork invasion of Armageddon. This means lots of anti-infantry options such as whirlwinds and thunder-fire cannons as well as flamers abound in squad choices. However in an attempt to stay true to the gaming element I will be building with versatility in mind (in other words making other options available via MAGNETS MAGNETS MAGNETS.)

The list should hopefully play in the style it both reads and epitomizes, however the emphasis at the early stages will as always will be to completing each unit before moving on and ensuring a good standard throughout, this will prevent me from getting sluggish and also taking part in painting vows with other gamers in real life and online (via sites like DakkaDakka / Bolter and Chainsword) should keep me on my toes for the length of the project.

So, I’ll wrap this up  and I’ll be back soon with some construction and hopefully painting progress reports very soon. For now, I just have to take things one unit at a time.

++ Martial Law is now in effect ++
++ Seal the City ++


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