A Procrastinator’s Return.

So, yeah…. it’s been a while. I’d apologize but I think it’s beyond that, lets just move on. It’s 2015 after all, new year, new me etc. (I’d give this revival about a week, but what a week it’ll be I’m sure.) I’d also like to point out, any day is a good day to change up your life or do something new or make some grand resolution, I’m just aiming for a clean start and what better time than a new year and one that is going to be chock full of exciting new releases and plans for me.

Now I can only bet you are desperate to know what’s being going on since I last posted on this treasure trove of news, reviews and personal blogging. Sadly there is too much to describe and I don’t have enough brain cells to retain all that information without writing it down, now if only there was a way to write everything I think of or want to discuss down and then share it with friends and strangers world-wide alike. If only…..

So, I’ll start of by saying that 2015 will be a very bloggy year for me I think, as a way to track my own personal progress in various avenues of video gaming, role-playing, war-gaming and everything in between, I’ll dash a few reviews here and there but for me now this is more of a personal experience and something to help cope with everything going on around me (the amount of people reading it doesn’t matter, me doing more writing does.)

I have made a simple shortlist of things I intend to achieve/maintain in 2015:

1. Reboot this blog and try to post as regularly as possible.
2. Complete a new force of Black Templar’s for Warhammer 40k (Themed around Helsreach.)
3. Learn how to become a better photographer.
4. Create/write more.
5. Become a better GM
6. Become King of Space.
7. Be Happy.

With that out of the way, I can get to work expect some new articles up very soon, I’m currently working on one for later tonight to drown out this ‘Sorry I’ve come crawling back to the blog-o-sphere type post’.

In the mean time, whatever you intend to do in 2015 if it’s big, small or even just something to challenge yourself with, go for it and give it everything you’ve got.

Things will get better.


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