Nosgoth Revealed – LoK Returns…. Kinda.

‘I hath returned, bearing fruits brought from the heavens themselves.’ – Ray Watt, About 5 minutes ago.

After that absurdly profound quote I’ve just invented, I come with actual news of relevance to both myself and many others in my circle, with great joy and an unscalable, undiminishable super boner I can finally tell you that we are finally receiving a new game for the Legacy of Kain series! NOSGOTH!

Now don’t get too excited, well do get very excited but then calm down and read on, as there is more to this than you’d think. It is sadly not another single player adventure to add to a top-notch series. So lets take it from the top and look at the facts.

A few months ago several rumours were lurking around about game called Nosgoth, it was quickly revealed from its name alone to be another game involving the Legacy of Kain series, however it was mentioned that it would not simply be another single player adventure and addition to the story/franchise.

Fast forward back to the wee hours of this morning (I actually think it was more afternoon, but to me everything up until dinner time should qualify as morning.) and we were greeted with a revelation even more shocking than unwrapping Raziel’s gloriously deformed vampire face. Nosgoth is in fact a competitive, team-based Human vs Vampire multiplayer game for Steam on Windows PC being developed by the team at Psyonix  and to sweeten the deal even more for you…….. you’ll be able to play it for free.

I think what will make this game even more groundbreaking and special though, is the gameplay will involve third-person ranged gameplay versus melee gameplay. This can be seen through the ability for the Humans (Team Screw Twilight.) to utilise a vast array of destructive ranged weaponry and specialised equipment, which will be in stark contrast to Vampires (Team Edward) who will favour brutal and bloody close-up melee attacks augmented by their inhuman abilities. Some of the classes you can see in the announcement trailer at the bottom of this post, including winged vampires, hunters, alchemists and tyrants. This game looks to be set during the inital Legacy of Kain game during the war of vampires versus humans.

It will also contain several classes for both teams as well as a literal smorgasboard of items, perks/abilities and talents to use with your characters allowing for vast variations in characters and lots of potential builds for you fanboys/girls/vamps. This game will heavily depend on not only you as a player and your crazy builds but strategy, communication and teamwork to get you and your buddies through. They have also mentioned that this game will not be a pay to win, thank the various gods, check out this quote (not as good as mines above) from Square Enix / Psyonix discussing the choice of free to play and equipment etc.

‘We made the decision to go to free-to-play to break down barriers and let as many players into the game as possible. One of the key goals has been to create a fair experience that doesn’t penalize players who don’t spend money in the game, as such Nosgoth doesn’t include items, weapons or abilities that are inherently better.’

Sadly the game is still in development and possibly heading into it’s closed beta stages in the near future, for now all we can do is watch and wait and of course I’ll keep you updated as soon as I get more, but for now I’m trying to get blood back into the right ‘head’ as I am god damned stoked for this. Free to play and no paying to win alone has my MMO boner going and this is a great view and attitude from the producers as they are addressing a key issue in many MMO’s which tends to destroy or lessen gameplay to a large extent.

Instinctually I wasn’t to happy originally as like most others I would have loved to have seen another LoK Single Player game but I guess the story was really over and I’ll just have to learn how to deal with that, (the last few years have been hard), but I’ll take anything Legacy of Kain related and a new MMO to control my life is always welcome now that my college life is complete.

I’ve attached a link to the announcement trailer below, so seriously check that out:

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes open for more updates soon, also be sure to check out the nosgoth website for more updates and to sign up for the beta, I know I am.



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