Pokemon X and Y Direct Summary – 04/09/13

Hello again, no I’ve not died, I’ve simply been away with work so my blog has been slightly quiet lately, but thankfully I can kick back in with something altogether quite mega, (I’m not even sorry for that awful not even pun.)

Today we saw the release of another Pokemon Direct by Nintendo, (Second one so far for those keeping track.), which revealed some new and very interesting releases about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y which are due for release on the 12th of October 2013, that’s not just in the UK my friends, that is for everywhere in the world, simultaneously. It is also worth noting the game comes available in 7 different languages, providing Pokemon to the world! This presentation was held by Mr Iwata (Nintendo), Mr Ishihara (Pokemon Company) and Mr Masuda (Game Freak).

I’ll start by linking you to the presentation and supplying a quick guideline of the major points down below, for those who don’t want to watch, disregard this and skip down to the bottom where I will summarise and provide shiny pictures to whet your appetites.

00:00 – Introductions
01:21 – History of connectivity in Pokémon games
04:51 – Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter
11:50 – Starter Pokémon and Mega Evolutions
15:43 – Messages to Pokémon players
18:37 – Pokémon X– and Pokémon Y-themed Nintendo 3DS XL systems

Now let’s get to the meat, delicious summarised Tauros Meat, Volcano Bakemeat or in general what was discussed in this direct:

Introductions + History of Connectivity

In this section our three glorious kings among men, discussion their relationships to the Pokémon franchise and their feelings about it in general, they then go on to discuss the humble beginnings of Pokemon and their own Pokemon adventures. In this section they don’t really give much if anything about the new game beyond the fact that you will be able to play online with anyone in the world, however this was revealed very early in the games development and at the last Nintendo Direct, they simply then go on to talk about how they would have loved to have created a cloud based system for transferring, storing and using Pokemon. They discuss how we all previous attached our Gameboys to trade with the 3ft Link Cable of Death! The opening of wireless possibilities and then they finally go on to announce that…. wait for it…. they have created this cloud based system they had always dreamed of.

Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transfer

As discussed finally they have invented a way to store Pokémon on the internet, Pokemon Bank, using this cloud based system you can transfer Pokémon in a much simpler format and even transfer them across games without tireless trading screens or complex box actions, simply upload your Pokémon to the Pokémon bank and you can access them from Pokemon X and Y anywhere in the world, also you will be able to use this feature with any and all new Pokemon titles. The Pokemon Bank can hold up to a whopping 3000 Pokémon online for you. Exciting huh?

To coincide with this they are creating another application to go along with Pokemon Bank, called Pokemon Transfer, which will allow you to effortlessly trade all of your Pokémon from the Black + White and Black 2 + White 2 versions. This will come with the Pokemon Bank application as far as I can tell meaning you may have to pay to get this also, however it is unconfirmed as of yet.

However there is a slight catch, this will be a paid service, meaning that you will need to buy the application to use it, and also there will be an annual fee to continue using this service. Personally I am slightly disappointed with this news, while it does seem like a worthwhile idea, the idea that we need to pay to use this, even if quite cheap (No confirmed price yet), is a bit unfair. I find that without these new titles beyond X and Y,  to utilise this feature with it is in essence pointless for me, as I’ve never had the problem of filling 30 boxes of Pokemon and struggling to find the ones I want, I’m lucky if I have more than one box of Pokemon I use as I tend to stick to a few dedicated teams based on what is available to catch as do most other players. However for tournament players and pros, I can see the appeal and the ability to maintain 3000 Pokémon on the internet is fairly impressive, however this is not a service I would use, at least not yet.

Both the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transfer applications will be made available later in the year, but not for the launch date.

Starter Pokemon

This section for me held the biggest reveal, the section opens by the team discussing the regular method of acquiring your first Pokemon, normally you would receive your first Pokémon from a professor (or on their behalf) in that region, for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, you will actually receive your first Pokémon from your best friend. However that does not mean you won’t receive a Pokémon from this versions professor.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will provide you with a second difficult choice to make, as later in the game after choosing your starter, you will be given an option by the professor to receive one of three ‘backup’ starter Pokémon, and your choices you ask? See for yourself.

Not only did they drop this bombshell but they also hinted at something very special featuring these 3 Pokemon, you guessed it. This games big feature has grown like a beautiful tumour in the brains of these 3 backup starter Pokemon. Mega-Evolutions!

The team go on to discuss some of the ideas behind Mega-Evolution, as some of you may already know this is achieved by a Pokemon holding a Mega Stone, if the Pokemon is holding this stone and your ‘Mega-Ring’ (the black ring on the trainers arm) react from a strong connection between the player and the Pokémon then they become able to turn into Mega Evolved forms with new special abilities, move sets and even types for the length of that battle, before regressing into their normal forms. How to maintain a strong connection and achieve Mega Evolution has not been made completely clear but then they couldn’t tell us everything….. sadly.

Messages to Pokemon Players

This section simply involves each of the three members, discussing what they want you, the player, to achieve and enjoy in the new Pokemon games, the main reason I am mentioning this section in detail is simply to express how much you can see these three care about the Pokemon franchise and their own Pokemon Adventures. This is one of the reasons I love Nintendo Directs, not only is it a chance to get the latest information on new releases but you also receive great background knowledge, personal messages and a little bit of emotional warmth from a particularly cold and sometimes uncaring industry.

Pokémon X– and Pokémon Y themed Nintendo 3DS XL systems

Finally the presentation is wrapped up nicely with the announcement that the X and Y themed 3DSXL’s which were shown to being released only in Japan, are now going to be released in Red and Blue versions in America and Europe now too, on the 27th of September (Without the games sadly, you sneaky Petes.) These look fantastic and I must admit ever since playing with a 3DSXL, I could never go back and when it comes to Pokemon, I want it in large mind shattering 3D that will leave me near blind in a few months. The way the various Gods intended for Humanity as a species to die out.

Final Thoughts

Personally this has only gotten me more excited about the new titles, however the inclusion of an annual fee to the Pokemon Bank/Transfer system I feel is maybe unjustified, but depending on price I will probably get it eventually anyway, especially with more relatable titles in the pipelines. So be prepared for the release of Pokemon X and Y, on the same day, WORLDWIDE, 12th of October.

If there are any new updates I will keep you posted, but for now keep praying to almighty Arceus for Bidoof/Bilbarel to receive a Mega Evolution. I know I am.


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