Nintendo Direct Summary – 07/08/13

For those unaware, today another session of Nintendo Direct was unveiled, I sadly missed the live broadcast as I was at work, which in itself I felt was a bit unfair, I work to make money to buy the things Nintendo make, so you’d think my work would allow me to see what I’m working for. Alas I’ll move on from Unfair Work Practices and on to the real meat, Nintendo Direct.

For those of you unaware on what Nintendo Direct involves, they are basically 20-30 minute videos usually hosted by Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata. They detail what we can look forward to in the coming months from Nintendo, be it new games, software, communities or other offers. I personally love these Direct shows, as they give us a regular update which most companies do not give us enough of.

So what was revealed in this months Nintendo Direct, including the timestamps for the YouTube video for this direct session, (shown above.)

00:00 – Sonic ‘Lost World’
02:39 – Rayman Legends
05:15 – Art Academy Sketchpad Software
06:45 – Nintendo Tree House – How to use Pikmin 3 Camera
08:15 – Nintendo Tree House – Mario & Luigi Dream Team
10:26 – Nintendo Tree House – Pokemon Rumble U
11:46 – 3DS News – eShop Upcoming Titles
13:43 – StreetPass + Nintendo Zone Update
14:26 – Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
15:24 – Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
16:45 – Legend of Zelda, A Link Between Worlds
19:34 – Legend of Zelda, Windwaker HD
22:10 – Year of Luigi Update
23:05 – Animal Crossing Series Community (WiiU)
24:49 – Animal Crossing Plaza Launched
27:08 – Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct Announcement

Now, I’m going to pick out the more interesting parts of this Direct session and discuss my opinions/views on them as per usual in my blogs, so without further ado…

In the beginning of the presentation we were again shown some footage of ‘Sonic: Lost Worlds‘, this game is actually shaping up to be a credible Sonic game thanks to Nintendo’s creative input in the project. First off, Visually, this looks incredible for a Sonic game, Nintendo have made a valid point of really pushing the graphics of their newer titles now that they can utilize full HD. The game play is also shaping up to be quite interesting, rather than the regular structure of the Sonic series, we now see a game based around levels that look like an interesting mix somewhere between F-Zero tubular tracks and Super Mario Galaxy. They have also included the ability to play on 3 different speed modes, to allow experienced and newer players a mode to suit them without ruining the gameplay. They have also included the ability to link the 3DS version to the WiiU version over a local area network, enabling the 3DS user to create and use RC toys from Tail’s Lab to help and support Sonic in the story mode against his new enemies ‘The Deadly Six’. This title will be released on October 22nd for 3DS and WiiU.

I may be a Legend, but nobody calls me Rayman.

Next we will look at ‘Rayman Legends’, the next in the Rayman series, it sticks to its usual art style but with much better graphical style as mentioned using the WiiU’s new hardware. following on from Rayman: Origins, we see a return of the 2D platformer but with some new areas, levels and modes. The game can also now be played by 5 players, across two different modes, you can play the regular 2D platformer or a more ‘Pace Based’ version which looks like the levels are played much like a Guitar Hero track.
As you progress in the game, levels and areas from Rayman: Origins will become available, as will older characters from the Rayman universe, new challenge/online modes. Also keep an eye out for Mario and Luigi costumes, which are usable within the game. This title will be released on September 3rd for WiiU.

Pokemon Rumble U‘ was mentioned in the Nintendo Tree House (North America), this is a continuation of the Rumble series, in which you use Pokemon to defeat waves of toy versions of Pokemon.  As you fight the waves of Pokemon you can gather new Pokemon to use by defeating their toy versions across 70 stages. Also interestingly mentioned was the fact that all of the current 649 Pokemon will be available in this game. There will also be a co-operative multiplayer section also. As an added note, 18 Collectible Pokemon Figures are being in Gamestop stores worldwide, which can be scanned in a ‘Skylanders’ style with the WiiU Gamepad to give you new in-game Pokemon with different abilities than normal. This game will be available from the WiiU eShop on August 15th (UK). For those who want to see some figurines, you can see some of the newer reveals see here:

3DS store news now, the following rare titles are being added to the 3DS store:  Summer Carnival 92, Donkey Kong (Famicom), Tecmo Bowl, Wario Land 3 and Super Mario Bros 3. These titles are expected to be around by the 29th of August.

Next, we received a brief trailer of the last of the current Professor Layton Trilogy, ‘Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.’ although hopefully not the last outing for Professor Layton on the 3DS. In true Layton style, this game looks incredible, puzzling and tight-fitting to the series roots, this game will be launched at some point in 2014.

Also highlighted at this point was a trailer for the upcoming ‘Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright‘, which looks to be another fun game involving two truly unique universes colliding to solve the ultimate puzzle case. The concept of this crime based puzzle action thriller, as I’ve dubbed it. Truly excites me, look for more on this soon but sadly it is another game to wait for as it is also a 2014 launch.

Next we see more details and gameplay on the next in the Legend of Zelda series, ‘A Link Between Two Worlds’, the first note Iwata made was on the unusual logo, featuring a Gold and Shadow Triforce, this is meant to represent the idea of the two separate worlds you must traverse, each of which contains its own version of the Triforce. Each of the worlds are very different, one is bright and lush, the other is dark and twisted, this is keeping in touch with the traditional ‘Link to the Past’ game in which this title draws its roots. While set as a sequel some time after ‘Link to the Past’ as mentioned, the game features all new dungeons and puzzles, also the method of traversal between realms is not done with a mirror anymore, but via ancient hieroglyphs, also the Link of this game has been noted as being a different Link to the original, as in this game Ganon has been sealed for a long time.

Sailing ahead, we were given even more of a tease on ‘Wind Waker HD‘, nothing much new was revealed here besides some more beautiful gameplay footage and screenshots, but this is worth mentioning for just how beautiful this game looks, also they have only modified the game as far to enable faster sailing/wind waking and a some changes to the optional collection quests from the previous game. 12 Years was far too long to wait to recreate this absolute gem, which will be released at some point in October. Iwata also made a big deal about playing Phantom Hourglass before you play this new incarnation of Wind Waker, I assume there is either some nods or easter eggs involved or maybe something even more glorious could be on the horizon?

Iwata also revealed some nice artwork and stills of Luigi for ‘The Year of Luigi’ and to confirm his entry into the next Super Smash Brothers title, hardly surprising but still newsworthy, my real worry is, what about Captain Falcon?

Animal Crossing
Finally the presentation was wrapped up by a cute presentation given by Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf to discuss the new Animal Crossing Miiverse Community and the introduction of the Animal Crossing Plaza available for the 3DS/WiiU which allows you to connect with other players more easily worldwide, post photographs and unlock exclusive items, the first of which is a Pumpkin Pie.

The presentation concluded with the announcement of ‘The Wonderful 101 Direct‘ which will discuss the game and hopefully give us more of a view on its development. This direct will be held on Friday 9th August, 7:00am Pacific Time (Roughly 3:30pm to us in the UK). So I’ll be back with more then. Enjoy.


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